Mother RUCKer

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Orting Skate Park
425 Washington Ave SE
Orting, WA 98360
United States
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Time Zone (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Join Mother RUCKer at the 2nd Annual Bigfoot RUCK Event on October 1st, 2023, at the Orting Skate Park in Orting, Washington. Cassie, an Army Veteran and the founder of Mother RUCKer, personally invites you and your family to this exciting event that aims to optimize health, inspire others, and support a worthy cause.

But what exactly is a RUCK? It's a weighted backpack and miles under your feet. Rucking is a modern twist on an age-old exercise, involving walking or hiking with a weighted backpack. By adding extra weight to your walk, rucking increases the intensity of your workout.

One of the benefits of rucking is that it puts less stress on your knees compared to running, making it a low-impact exercise. Additionally, the added weight engages your muscles more, making rucking an excellent cardiovascular exercise that helps build strength and stamina. So, why not come out and RUCK with us?

The Bigfoot RUCK event offers an opportunity to build endurance, train alongside military veterans, and connect with empowered individuals from diverse backgrounds. By grounding your mind in nature and participating in this event, you can help others lead active and engaged lives—one Ruck at a time.

Mother RUCKer is proud to be part of the Race 2 Save Veteran Lives (R2SVL) campaign, which falls under the National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide (NA2EVS) program. Through their efforts, they aim to raise awareness about the challenges veterans face and provide support to end veteran suicide. To learn more about these important initiatives, you can click on the provided links.

Mother RUCKer and NA2EVS truly care about making a difference. You can learn more about Mother RUCKer by visiting their website. By participating in the Bigfoot RUCK event, you are not only improving your own health but also supporting a cause that strives to save veteran lives.

To get involved, your next step is to register yourself and your family for the event. If others in your community wish to join, consider creating a team fundraiser. There will be awards for the highest fundraising teams and individuals. Individual fundraisers will contribute to the team fundraiser total. When setting up your individual fundraiser, the website will prompt you to easily create a Facebook fundraiser for maximum effectiveness.

The event will take place at the Orting Skate Park, located at 425 Washington Ave SE, Orting, WA 98360-9720. Keep your eyes open for additional surprises during the event, such as giveaways and appearances by Bigfoot!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to improve your health, connect with like-minded individuals, and support a meaningful cause. Mark your calendars for October 1st, 2023, and join Mother RUCKer for a day of RUCKing, community, and inspiration.
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