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Single Listing Pricing Plans
Basic One Year Listing $19.99
Basic one year listing includes a link to your web site, 3 photos and you can add a video.  You must be a Veteran, military (spouse) owned business to join. You must be in Washington State.  For less than 2 bucks per month, you get on an advertising platform that can help your brand to be seen.  
You will find that when people search for your business, your profile from will show up.  We are SEO optimized which can give you more credibility in business.  Your business is worth it. 
Otherwise ask us about corporate sponsorships available to be on this site and post to our Facebook groups.  360-900-1913
*** This listing does not give you access to our 25,000 members on social media to include our JBLM Buy/Sell groups or Spouses Groups.  Basic Listings are also not guaranteed to be featured on the PSVB Facebook page. See the featured listing option.
Featured Listing Yearly Agreement $199.99
Featured one year listing includes up to 10 photos, link to your web site, 1 video clip, coupons and featured placement.  Rotating home page placement.  $99 per year.    You must be a Veteran, military (spouse) owned business to join. Your business must be in Washington State.
You get access to over 25,000 local social media members.  Your business will be featured on our social media and shared across multiple social media platforms.   Over 20k people visit this website every month.  $199 for an entire year for the website and our social media group is very much worth it.  You aren't going to find this much advertising that is less than $17 bucks a month anywhere else. 
When people search for your business, they will see you as a member of PSVB.  We are SEO optimized which will give you another avenue to be seen and help to build or maintain credibility.  There is no one else who will provide a platform to help you to be successful like this.
If you are not a Veteran business owner, we do have a corporate sponsor rate which allows you to post to our groups and we will share you on our pages as well.
Questions?  Give us a call 360-900-1913.
Corporate Sponsors / Non-Veteran Owned Business $499.00
We reach thousands of your potential clients through our media company.  PSVB is one of our platforms.  You can call us at 360-900-1913 to learn more.  We will advise you on whether your business has the most advantageous opportunity for ROI or not.  
You also get a rotating banner ad (one of 5) and a rotating block ad on the website. 
The pricing is $499 per month unless you pay in full for 6 months at a rate of $299 per month or 12 months at a rate of $199 per month.  Call us for the 6 or 12 month option.  360-900-1913  
You also get access to our JBLM area social media groups:
1. 17,000+ members - JBLM Buy/Sell Group
2. 4700 Buy/Sell Group
3. 4500 JBLM Spouse Group
Finally, we launched  As a member at this level, you get a FREE listing while you are a member of PSVB. allows you to list your business.  You can post employment information.  You can post your events.  This will grow and will not be free with PSVB after January 1st, 2020. 
Take action now.  
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