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Single Listing Pricing Plans
Basic Indefinite Listing $0.99
Basic one year listing includes a link to your web site, 3 photos and you can add a video.  You must be a Veteran, military (spouse) owned business to join. You must be in the Pacific Northwest.  You get on an advertising platform that can help your brand to be seen.  We average 40k visits per month. 
We have to charge 99 cents as we get numerous spammers to sign up when we did it for free. 
We share this site to over 140,000 members of the facebook groups that we own! 
If you don't have a website, this is a perfect way to showcase your business and you can share your listing on your facebook pages as well as put your listing on your page under the website link.   
You will find that when people search for your business, your profile from PugetSoundVeteranBusiness.com will show up.  We are SEO optimized which can give you more credibility in business.  Your business is worth it. 
To take advantage of our social media groups, select the featured listing.
*** This listing does not give you access to our 140,000 members on social media to include our JBLM area Buy/Sell groups or Spouses Groups.  Basic Listings are also not guaranteed to be featured on the PSVB Facebook page. See the featured listing option to get all benefits.
This is non-refundable if you are not a veteran owned business.
Veteran Non-Profits & Orgs $19.99
One time admin fee which helps us maintain this site. 
Your listing is indefinite.  
You get a featured listing rotated on the home page.
You can share your events in the event section.  We share your events!
You can write articles about your organization, current events or highlight an experience.   We will share it in the articles section.  
Advertising in our social media groups requires a featured membership. 
Featured Listing $37.00
You also get a FREE featured listing on DiscoverJBLM.com which is $2300 per year!!!! ***
Featured one year listing includes up to 10 photos, link to your web site, 1 video clip, coupons and featured placement. Rotating home page placement.
You must be a Veteran, military (spouse) owned business to join with this listing. 
You get access to over 140,000 local social media group members. Your business will be featured on our social media and shared across multiple social media platforms. Over 48k (average through 2020) people visit this website every month. 
$37 per month. You can't get this much exposure specifically targeting the Pacific Northwest with an audience this big for this rate anywhere else.  Cancel anytime by notifying us prior to the next due date.  If you forget, we will refund you regardless for the payment.
When people search for your business, they will see you as a member of PSVB. We are SEO optimized which will give you another avenue to be seen and help to build or maintain credibility. There is no one else who will provide a platform to help you to be successful like this.
If you are not a Veteran business owner, we do have a corporate sponsor rate for advertising on our site. Contact us for more. 
*** There are restrictions to join DiscoverJBLM.com & our groups for real estate, mortgage, insurance, car dealers and marketing.  Contact us for more prior to joining. 
Corporate Sponsors / Non-Veteran Owned Business $99,999.00
No, the rate is not $99,999. Contact us for more.
We reach tens of thousands of your potential clients through our media company.  PSVB is one of our platforms.  
You also get a rotating banner ad (one of 3) and a fixed block ad (300x300px) on the right side of the website. 
You also get access to our JBLM area social media groups with 150,000 members.  
As a member at this level, you get a FREE listing on DiscoverJBLM.com also while you are a member of PSVB.  DiscoverJBLM.com allows you to list your business.  You can post employment information.  You can post your events.  Let's have a conversation about our collaboration.  We work with you to help you in your success.  We value long term relationships.   
Exclusive memberships*** for advertising available for:
VA Loan Mortgage Company 
Car Dealer
***exclusive fees apply 
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