1/19/2020  PSVB
Everyone in business has the same problem.   How do you spread the message about employment opportunities?  
There is a new solution and over 83,000 visitors have found it.  DiscoverJBLM.com launched in November and has already had over 83,000 visits.  DiscoverJBLM.com is a directory so Service Members can find their unit information if they are newly arrived or haven't ventured far from Joint Base Lewis McChord yet.  They can find the locations for the gym, commissary and post exchange.  They can find a local hotel, restaurant, or place to get a haircut.  
Creator Dave Maestas, a pioneer of creating mass audiences in the Puget Sound, digital marketing genius and CEO behind Maestro Strategic Solutions states, "We have created a eco-system of websites infused with special social media feeds on our sites.  Together with our Facebook groups comprising 100,000 members, not including our pages, we have the means to generate massive traffic to our sites.  The only businesses who can post in our groups must be members.  With minimal funds we are able to share information that major publications cannot compete with due to their overhead and failure to evolve with the latest in technology.  People aren't looking in their publications for help.  They are online and our numbers prove it."  Dave is also the Vice President of the Tacoma Events Commission that produced Washington State's largest one day event on the 4th of July, the Tacoma Freedom Fair and numerous other events throughout the year in the area.  He is also the creator of SouthSoundBusiness.com curating business news and is the founder of this site, PugetSoundVeteranBusiness.com, uniting Veterans in business in Washington State.  Finally, he is the Director of the Northwest Region spanning Montana to Alaska for the US Army Ranger Association.  If you get time to sit down with him, not only will you learn an amazing story and I always learn something rare and knowledgable, but you also know his time is valuable and thus an honor to get even 15 minutes with him.
DiscoverJBLM.com also features a new employment section where businesses can share their employment opportunities.  Five year ago as a Service Member who retired after 20 years as an Airborne Ranger and Special Forces "Green Beret," Dave Maestas knows the struggles of transitioning Service Members.  "When I first researched getting out of the Army, I had no idea what I wanted to do next.  I had the option of more college but realistically, I wanted to start something that I enjoyed as much as I enjoyed being in the military," Dave stated.  "I intend to help others find that dream and provide it free to employers.  The employment section is free for businesses to feature their employment opportunities.  "There are companies taking money from businesses in order to find potential employees yet can only deliver minimal results since they don't advertise or have the reach that we do.  Employers can feature their opportunities on our site with tons of traffic.  Plus, we share those opportunities in our social media groups and Facebook pages to help with the success.  Everything is about numbers.  The more people visiting, the more chances you have to find the right employee."  Service Members can also post their resumes for potential employers who have registered can see. Employers such as the Nisqually Tribe, Emerald Queen Casino, and even jobs as far away as the United Arab Emirates and Columbia have been posted.  With Dave's massive connections to the post military world, we imagine that employers across America will be seeking to tap into the market of transitioning Service Members from JBLM. 
An events section has been added so that Service Members can find events for the family or even for single Service Members to find fun day and nightlife.  The article section is one of the new features that will publish JBLM news, articles and photos about the local area. "We are seeking contributors for our site and look forward to those who want to help us "Make JBLM News Great Again," laughed Dave.  
Finally, a real estate section has been added where Service Members can find a home or apartment.  In the meantime again, if you need a hotel you can find it on DiscoverJBLM.com.
"There is a ton of information to put into our site but we are adding more and more daily and equally as important, we will infuse entertainment through added YouTube videos and the special social media feed of the top JBLM sites that Service Members can view in one location," stated Dave.  "With an average of 30k visitors per month from the start, we will only gain more and more visitors."
Though a business can post their employment opportunities for free, businesses have two options if they want to join the directory.  They can get a featured listing which is shown above the other listings inter categories and rotated on the home page.  "There is a price of course" states Dave. "Operating this site does require funds. We are only charging $99 per year which all businesses who join us by March 1st will be 'grandfathered' in for life.  The featured listing also means that we share you across our social media."  There is a basic listing that one can add their business for $9.99.  "If you don't have a website yet, you are a budding entrepreneur especially, this is a great way to feature your business at a low cost and gain more credibility with our digital ecosystem."
Advertising opportunities are available though real estate has been reserved indefinitely and negotiations are underway with a VA loan mortgage company.  Contact Dave to learn more.  
Don't forget, shop from Veteran owned businesses.  Visit the rest of PugetSoundVeteranBusiness.com. Many opportunities for Veterans in business and our website sponsors.  We averaged over 30,000 visits per month in 2019.