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10/24/2017 PSVB
"Why should I join"
2023 - Record-Breaking Year with 1.4 Million Views
Empowering Veteran-Owned Businesses in the Pacific Northwest
Steve, Army and JBLM Veteran Announces Daughter's Hit Single
Bailey Mae's "Car Ride Home" new single is out!
Unlock Your Business's Potential with
Having a robust online presence is crucial for success, especially for small businesses. Empower your veteran-owned business with a free, SEO-optimized website.
How Private Security Can Protect Your Business Assets and Personnel
Explore the benefits of private security for protecting business assets and ensuring employee safety.
2024 Ultimate Backyard BBQ Event Planning Guide
Hosting a backyard BBQ is a fantastic way to gather friends, family, or even community members for a fun and flavorful event.
Overturn the Corporate Transparency Act’s Beneficial Ownership Information (“CTA BOI”) rule passed by Congress that unfairly targets American small businesses.
Pho PQ - Vietnamese Fusion Bistro
Discover the Heart of Vietnamese Cuisine at Joy Pho in Lakewood, WA
Sunny Escapes in Fort Myers: Florida's Gulf Coast Gem
Discover Endless Sunshine, Adventure, and Memories for Military Families and Couples
Aligning Business with a Cause: Operation Veteran Freedom
Showcase your commitment to the veteran community.
2/14/2024 soldierforlife
Skip the Mailbox and Use myPay
Bridging the Civilian Career Gap
How PMI's Certifications Empower Veterans and Military Spouses
Guns, Girls, and Greed: I Was a Blackwater Mercenary in Iraq
Veteran Author
Clarifying the Legitimacy of Businesses Associated with the letters JBLM
JBLM PAO's Unintended consequences, impacting businesses all across the country with ties to military communities.
Navigating Economic Challenges: Maintaining Positivity in Business
As economic conditions worsen, individuals and businesses alike may find themselves facing challenges that require resilience and adaptability. | Special Forces Business Network
Special Forces "Green Berets" in Business
Boost Your Business with
Learn more about American Veteran Business unites Veterans in business.
Auburn hosts 58th annual Veterans Day parade
Watch the video
Saluting Heroes with Every Sip: Heritage Distilling Unveils Special Operations Salute™ Whiskey
Indulge in the Exclusive Blend of Patriotism and Craftsmanship with HDC's Limited-Edition Whiskey Line Supporting SOF Communities
Veteran and Military Discounts - Veteran's Day 2023
The Veteran Coach gives great insight to get deals
Auburn Parade Participant? Get an article about your organization!
Get an article here!
Celebrating Patriotism and Valor: The 58th Auburn Veteran's Day Parade in Auburn, WA
Don't miss it
Krystal Grand Los Cabos - 4 nights FREE!
Get your FREE Voucher
Essential Home Buying Terms: A Guide to Navigating the Real Estate Process
Demystify some of the most important terms
Military Bases Too!
Honoring the Past: Understanding the Significance of Memorial Day
Embrace the Glow: The Benefits of Spray Tans and Fitness Training
5/22/2023 Kathryn Brito Montanez
The Sun-Kissed Glow, Minus the Risks
5 Ways to Show Your Support This Military Appreciation Month
May is Military Appreciation Month
 The Power of Self-Promotion: Opportunities for Business Owners
How Promoting Yourself Can Lead to Networking, Partnerships, Brand Awareness, Speaking Engagements, and Media Exposure
A family finally goes to Disney - Learn how
Hint: Smart Moms Travel with Megan helped
Canyon Guitars in Lakewood - Small Independent Music Store
Support local small businesses
Army launches new logo and goes back to 80's slogan
Watch the video here
Need a new Water Heater?
3/7/2023 Spokane Hot Water Tanks
Some things to look for.
Traditional Marketing Tactics You Can Use to Your Advantage
3/1/2023 Elena Stewart
Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business
Funding Your Small Business: Advice for Securing Startup Grants
12/16/2022 Sarah Velasquez
Choosing to start a small business is an accomplishment in itself. But one of the first hurdles you’ll face is how to finance your new venture.
4 Tips to Minimize Holiday Clutter
11/25/2022 PSVB
Happy Holidays
2022 City of Auburn Veterans Day Parade & Observance
Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, Couples Therapy - Finally!
Meet Dr. David Simonsen
Spice Up Game Day With These Mouthwatering Recipes
Easy Ways to Get Your Home Ready for the Market
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How to Show Your Support for the U.S. Military This Summer
7/17/2022 PSVB
While it’s always the right time of year to show your support for the U.S. Military, the summer season offers a special opportunity to do so.
What Every Homeowner Should Know Before Making Renovations
Gaming Connects American Military Members With Loved Ones
The USO has focused part of its mission on providing military members with opportunities to connect and relax with video games
Generate 5-star reviews
Your customers will help you
Download the Local Marketing Stack Checklist
12/21/2021 PSVB
No email required
2021 is Ending - The 2021 State of Online Reviews
12/4/2021 PSVB
A one-star change in customer ratings can significantly impact revenue
A success story for Flooring businesses.
See the video
Video Case Study - Yelp
How to Find a Good Roofer
Roofing work is a big, expensive job: When you’re looking for a roofer, you need someone you can trust.
Veterans can now get exclusive travel deals and discounted rates through American Forces Travel.
11/17/2021 PSVB
As of July 2021, all Veterans with a discharge status of honorable or general under honorable conditions are eligible
Veteran's Day 2021 Deals
11/11/2021 PSVB
Come see the list
From U.S. Marine to Master Coffee Roaster (National Report)
Behind The Business with Calusa Coffee
What are Business Listings?
10/31/2021 PSVB
Why are they important for your business?
Are you behind the power curve with email marketing?
10/31/2021 PSVB
Here is how you can catch up.
Help for Veteran Businesses is Here!
10/31/2021 PSVB
Learn how PSVB can help your business
9 Obstacles Every Entrepreneur Will Face With Their Startup
4/6/2021 PSVB
In this video Patrick Bet-David breaks down the 9 obstacles all entrepreneurs will face when starting a business.
Joe Kent is an Army veteran, Gold Star husband and father
Veteran runs for Congress
3-3-3 Radio Plan for SHTF Communications
1/12/2021 Radio Master Reports
This is the “When, Where, and How” to make radio contact with each other for SHTF.
Antifa the Movie
11/1/2020 PSVB
Why doesn't President Trump end the violence?
We have seen unprecedented violence and mayhem in blue states and blue cities.
Helping Veterans and Active Duty Military Cope With Social Isolation
8/3/2020 (StatePoint)
With the additional challenge of social isolation, finding ways to combat depression, anxiety and loneliness is critical.
Defending Ourselves in Case the Country Falls Apart
8/1/2020 Jeff Minick
Prepare for a radical coup in the United States
"A Time for Choosing" by Ronald Reagan
6/4/2020 PSVB
Watch a special "Remembering A Time For Choosing" video here
When Businesses Bolt From Blue States - So will your JOBS!
Are you ready?
Digital Business Cards - Hands Free - Pivot with Technology
5/4/2020 PSVB
Learn how you can benefit from a digital business card.
Totalitarianism doesn't shock us any more
Politicians are drunk with power. The power is intoxicating and addictive.
10 NEW Rules Of Money
4/27/2020 PSVB
10 NEW Rules Of Money
Are the Coronavirus books being cooked?
4/12/2020 PSVB
You decide
Help for Restaurant Owners - Business Loans - No financials required
3/21/2020 PSVB
Get help for your restaurant
Ballad of the Green Beret Being Changed?
2/28/2020 PSVB
Following the Marine Commandant's removal of Confederate History and the Air Force service anthem being changed to a gender neutral tone...
Get your tickets to the South Sound Business Summit!
2/8/2020 Ranger Dave
Pierce County's great business summit is back for it's 5th year and it's only getting better!
South Sound Business and Career Expo
2/8/2020 Ranger Dave
Thurston County's greatest business event of the year!
"Close the Deal" FREE Webinar
1/19/2020 PSVB
International Best Seller & Sales Champion
A New Way to Feature Jobs - Visit
1/19/2020 PSVB
There is a new way to feature your employment opportunities.
Pierce County Major Employers List 2019 Announced
1/1/2020 The Economic Development Board for Tacoma-Pierce C
272 Qualify as Pierce County’s Major Employers
Resolving to Start a Business? Website Trends to Consider for 2020
12/22/2019 Statepoint
Website Trends to Consider for 2020
Tips for a Stress-Free Tax Season
12/22/2019 Statepoint
Taxes are an unavoidable fact of life.
Veterans: Show Potential Employers You Are a Team Player
10/29/2019 Statepoint
If you’re a veteran, you have proven you can work on teams and, in many cases, lead them. Yet corporate recruiting experts say it’s crucial to properly frame your experience to maximize your chances of getting hired.
Free Business Counseling for entrepreneurs and small business owners
7/8/2019 PSVB
Learn how you can get free counseling for your business endeavors
You're Invited: Complimentary training to create a Sales and Marketing Planning
6/9/2019 PSVB
Each year, my mentor, Eric Lofholm teaches a virtual class on how to create a written plan for the second half of the year. He started teaching the class in 2003.
Are you a B2B Company?
5/27/2019 PSVB
If you are a B2B company, technology is in your favor. There are some great tools that you can use to help you gain sales.
Great Business Summit & Expos Coming Up
3/29/2019 Ranger Dave
If you are a business owner this time of year has some great events that you don't want to miss.
Digital Business Cards - Use technology to your advantage
3/29/2019 PSVB
The future is here. A digital business card has many advantages.
3 Ways Military Families and Veterans Can Stretch Their Budget
3/28/2019 Statepoint
3 Ways Military Families and Veterans Can Stretch Their Budget
Do the Math - Will "word of mouth" solve your sales problem?
3/10/2019 PSVB
What does it take to be successful?
How to become an Army Ranger
2/23/2019 PSVB
Learn what it takes to become an Airborne Ranger
WIN $50k for your business with FEDEX!
2/21/2019 PSVB
Contest allows you to win $50k.
Commandos to Counselors: A response to the special operations forces mental health crisis
2/15/2019 Jon Hollis (approved)
There is a growing mental health crisis among members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces community that is not being adequately addressed.
HOT UPDATE - New Events Page Added to PSVB
2/10/2019 PSVB
An events page has been added to
What happened to the $5 entrepreneur?
2/10/2019 PSVB
Growing up, there were plenty of opportunities to make money. Many of the opportunities are still here. Why do we have people begging still?
How Can You Monetize Your Website?
2/6/2019 Maestro Strategic Solutions
Create multiple streams of income by monetizing your website.
House Bill 1491 will IMPACT business owners with 100+ employees
2/4/2019 Lakewood Chamber
The Washington State legislature is considering a bill that will greatly impact business owners with 100+ employees and their employees.
Army Recruiter's New Video
2/3/2019 PSVB
Does this encourage others to join the Army?
1/28/2019 Statepoint
In the pursuit of having more time to spend with their families, an increasing number of working parents are requesting flexible working options from their employers, suggests new research.
Stolen Valor vs Borrowed Valor
1/19/2019 PSVB
What is the difference between stolen valor and borrowed valor?
11/7/2018 Lisa Hagman
The best way to prevent head lice from spreading through a classroom, school or family is by checking children’s heads for lice before the first day of class.
10/31/2018 Statepoint
Whether you’re looking to pick up a side hustle or make the leap into starting your own business, there are many ways to be your own boss.
Veteran's Day Specials
10/27/2018 PSVB
We have the Veteran's Day Specials from Business in Washington
Veteran Motorcycle Clubs
10/1/2018 PSVB
Learn about the clubs in Washington State
Transitioning Military Help
9/12/2018 PSVB
A list of places that you can use for transitioning help.
Can the Navy’s Million-Dollar Zombie Game Turn You Into a Super Soldier?
7/30/2018 PSVB
Are you a gamer? Can the Navy’s Million-Dollar Zombie Game Turn You Into a Super Soldier?
Pacific NorthWest's Great BBQ Event - Brought to you by Veterans!
7/20/2018 PSVB
Come visit the greatest BBQ event in Dupont, WA - Aug 18 & 19 Hudson's Bay Heritage Days BBQ Competiton & Family Event
7/16/2018 StatePoint
How to Help Military, Overseas Citizens Vote in Midterm Elections
Where can Veterans Enjoy the Fireworks?
6/24/2018 PSVB
JBLM is only open to ID Card holders and their guests. So where can Veterans go for the 4th of July?
Solar your Home and gain independence!
6/16/2018 Solar
Save thousands on your electric bill with $0 down solar.
How to Build Better Relationships to Advance Your Career
6/9/2018 StatePoint
One of the primary keys to success is learning to identify the fundamental characteristics of your co-workers, and developing strategies to work with each type of boss, co-worker or client you come across.
How Do I Ignore the Naysayers?
6/3/2018 PSVB
My insights.
JUNE 23rd -  Hawks Prairie Summer Block Party at Black Hills Gymnastics
6/3/2018 PSVB
Come enjoy a day of fun in Lacey, WA at Black Hills Gymnastics!
Loans for Your Business
5/26/2018 PSVB
Looking for a business loan $5000 to $750k?
Multiple Event Deal
5/8/2018 PSVB
HUGE events in the PNW that we can bundle to give you access to over 130k attendees! Check it out!
MilSpouseFest2018!  May 17th Register Now
5/7/2018 PSVB
It doesn’t matter if you’re a “seasoned” spouse, a newbie, or somewhere in between...#MilSpouseFest2018 is for you!
Been There Done That
5/3/2018 PSVB
Veteran prints shirts in Seattle!
Where do you go when you need a bike?
5/2/2018 PSVB
Come check out a Veteran bike shop in Lacey.
Funding Programs for Military Spouses
4/30/2018 PSVB
Eligible military spouses get $4,000 to put toward training.
How do you get more sales?
4/28/2018 PSVB
Contrary to the myth that you have to be a born salesman, selling is a step-by-step system that anyone can learn.
Free Goal Setting Course for Puget Sound Veteran Businesses
4/27/2018 PSVB
FREE goal setting course for all of those who would like to learn new methods and techniques to set your future goals.
Vets Park in Rainier, WA
4/24/2018 PSVB
Come see more about the Veteran Park in Rainier, WA. Get to know the state and tributes to our brothers and sisters.
JBLM Spouse Club Launched!
4/2/2018 JBLM Spouse Club
JBLM Spouse Club Launched!
Washington by Drone
Washington by Drone
iRest: A new frontier for healing
11/17/2017 Allegra Antwine
Meditative practice helps combat PTSD for soldiers and civilians alike By Allegra Antwine on November 17, 2017
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