We use marketing automation with our site to help you to succeed.

We are more than a website. We offer many services that can help you to succeed. As a member of, you get a marketing agency to advise you. People pay big money for that. You get it for FREE!


Single Listing Pricing Plans
Basic Listing $9.99
Basic indefinite listing includes a link to your web site, 3 photos and you can add a video.  You must be a Veteran, military (spouse) owned business to join. You must be in the Pacific Northwest.  You get on an advertising platform that can help your brand to be seen.  We average 116k visits per month. 
The fee helps us maintain the site and promote it.  $9.99 per month.
We share this site to over 140,000 members of the facebook groups that we own! 
If you don't have a website, this is a perfect way to showcase your business and you can share your listing on your facebook pages as well as put your listing on your page under the website link.   
You will find that when people search for your business, your profile from will show up.  We are SEO optimized which can give you more credibility in business.  Your business is worth it. 
To take advantage of our social media groups, select the featured listing.
*** This listing does not give you access to our 140,000 members on social media to include our JBLM area Buy/Sell groups or Spouses Groups.  Basic Listings are also not guaranteed to be featured on the PSVB Facebook page. See the featured listing option to get all benefits.
100% money back guarantee - if you are unsatisfied within your first 90 days, we will refund you!  No other advertiser offers this.  NO RISK!  But we will show you the stats for how many people visited your listing.  Cancel at anytime. 
Featured Listing - CONTACT US FOR THE REAL RATES $37.00 - (PSVB)
Featured one year listing includes up to 10 photos, link to your web site, 1 video clip, coupons and featured placement. Rotating home page placement.
This isn't just a website.  We have cutting edge technologies behind our site.
We have 150,000 people in our exclusive Facebook groups that we promote PSVB.
No one promotes Veterans in business on the West Coast liked we do.
Partnered with - your membership is FREE on AVB as a member of PSVB.  Get national attention.
We provide you marketing software that will help your business to grow significantly. 
You must be a Veteran, military (spouse) owned business to join with this listing. 
When people search for your business, they will see you as a member of PSVB. We are SEO optimized which will give you another avenue to be seen and help to build or maintain credibility. There is no one else who will provide a platform to help you to be successful like this.
2023 REPORT:
Where are you advertising where that many people are looking for a veteran owned business?  If you are a home services (contractor, landscaping, junk removal, etc…) or brick and mortar business especially, you are missing out on a ton of business by not joining us.  
There is a price to join us.  There is a more significant cost not to join us and that is from all of the lost sales, business and opportunity long into the future.
GUARANTEE?  You bet. Life is took short and we would rather we all remain life long friends than squabble over money.  If you are unsatisfied after 30 days, you get your money back 100%.  You get a featured listing on our site, promoted on our social media and emails, a ton of free software and if you aren’t happy, we will refund you completely. No questions.  You risk nothing by joining us!
Use the form above to get started.  
Next steps:
1. Make payment HERE - $37 per month
1. Fill in the form above which allows to contact you and begin your listing.
2. Receive email and use the schedule button in the email to schedule a zoom call to review our site and how to update it 24/7.
4. We send you the listing information, login instructions and you can update your listing 24/7, with new seasons or holidays.
5.  Schedule a monthly review (optional) to measure your success with us. 
Membership on this site does not give you access to post in our Facebook groups. This requires membership on 
Sponsors of our site are allowed to post in our groups. Use the form above to contact us and schedule a zoom call. 
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