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This is Jeremy from American Pride Bookkeeping Services and I wanted to talk to you about the advantages of using QuickBooks for your growing business. In case you are not familiar with QuickBooks, it is a financial accounting software program manufactured by Intuit. QuickBooks products are geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offer on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills and perform payroll functions. What that means for you is a program that tracks, integrates, and can automate plenty of your financial needs and makes all relevant information readily available to you.  

There are a number of features available on the desktop and online version both that you may not need immediately but will be useful as the needs of your business grow. For the sake of this blog post, I am going to list the features and benefits that would be helpful at any stage of a business’ development. For a full list of options, I would encourage you to take a look at Intuit’s page outlining all the available options for their software here.
The software is easy to use. QuickBooks was designed to be user-friendly. A new user setup feature provides the end user with a virtual orientation process.  Most of the program’s extra features can be activated at the click of a button.
It tracks your expense billing. While conducting business, it is easy to rack up a variety of expenses that are later billed to clients. These may be small purchases, such as mileage and meals, or large expenditures, such as extended international travel. Regardless of the size or type of expense, QuickBooks Pro maintains a feature that allows users to record each one. In addition, expenses may be saved according to client or job, giving users the benefit of not having to reconcile them manually.
Sales invoicing is very streamlined. QuickBooks provides the time-saving benefit of tracking sales and automatically creating receipts and invoices at the touch of a button. Invoices can then be electronically sent to customers via email. The program also allows customers to be billed individually or in large batches. There is even an upgrade that allows the acceptance of credit and debit card charges through QuickBooks. Users may also subscribe to Intuit Check Solution for QuickBooks and gain the ability to scan and deposit checks into the program, which removes the need to manually enter the data.
The reporting system keeps you updated on your progress. QuickBooks users are able to create a variety of financial reports. These include year-over-year income, expense, trends and forecasting documents. These reports can even be exported into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or PDF and sent via your email.

It’s important to track where your money is going. QuickBooks comes with features designed to assist small businesses in managing their money. One such feature allows users to enter the due dates and payment information for recurring bills. As the bills come due the user may print checks directly from QuickBooks. To further aid this process, each transaction is recorded for easy access during future audits. The user may also link their bank accounts to the program. In addition to affording the convenience of viewing all financial records on a single screen, it also gives you the benefit of eliminating the need for paper bank statements.

There you have it. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the features of QuickBooks, but these are certainly the ones that stand out the most to me. That is not to say that QuickBooks is perfect of course, this isn’t a paid advertisement after all. The aforementioned features are quite user-friendly, and with a basic tutorial you can run the core features without much outside support. Once you get into the more complex features such as tax reporting or payroll, it is quite beneficial to have the assistance of a professional. If you are interested in using QuickBooks and want to use it to organize your business and get things moving forward, or if you just have some questions for us, just click the button to the right and shoot us a line. Thanks for reading, I hope you and your business are doing well and you found this blog to be helpful. I would in closing like to leave you with a quote, as I think it pertains quite well to the idea of growing a business from the ground up.


” There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. “

-Colin Powell

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