5/27/2019  PSVB

Turn your website into a sales prospecting tool

You can spend thousands of dollars in advertising.  You can drive traffic to your website.  You can view your Google analytics and based on the numbers, determine how much you should be getting in sales based on a percentage of visits becoming clients.  This is the "old school" method and a more passive means to gain sales.  Granted, it is not that old but technology today is rapidly advancing.  
Imagine, a business goes to your website to learn about you.  They are doing their "research."  Then they may go look elsewhere or even go get a cup of coffee and forget about you.  Technology today allows you to see which company went to your site and helps you to determine who within that organization may have been the visitor.  Armed with that information, and even more, armed with the contact information, you can then contact that business and say, "I am with xyz company and I would be interested in having a conversation with you about our services."  You would be surprised at the response which typically is, "I was just looking at your site!"  The conversation is generally positive from there.  
With website visitor tracking software, you can can get more leads.  You can close more deals.  You can succeed. 
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