ARF Financial - Get Funds for your Veteran Business

ARF Financial -Get Funds for your Veteran Business
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Unsecured Business Loans • Revolving Lines of Credit • Interest-Only Loans

We invite you to use our online application to get your quick approval and see for yourself why Businesses Bank on Us! There are four “yes or no” pre-qualification questions and 5 easy steps. It’s simple, takes about 10 minutes and won’t affect your credit.


Why We’re Different from Other Lenders

As the leading financial services company for tens of thousands of businesses across the country, backed by decades of experience, we know a thing or two about owners like you. What’s more, we live and work in your community, understand the local market, and we’re committed to offering the right financial products, customized to fit your individual circumstances and business goals.

At ARF Financial, one of our seasoned loan consultants will help you capitalize on your business’s potential with fast access to the most innovative and flexible loan products available. We make business financing easy! That’s why we’re the #1 trusted source for restaurant loans, hospitality financing, retail funding and other small business loan products.

We have built exclusive relationships with community banks across the country, so you can acquire a bank loan fast, without collateral and with limited paperwork. That means the interest is tax deductible, rates are fixed, and you know the terms ahead of time. Our clients get the financing they need, with manageable payments that won’t increase as revenue grows.

✅ Access to loan amounts from $5,000 to $1,000,000

✅ No collateral requirements on loans up to $750,000

✅ Fixed repayment terms up to 3 years

✅ Same-day approvals and fundings in less than a week

✅ Streamlined underwriting process with minimal documentation

✅ Defer up to 50% of the loan’s principal for the lowest payment

✅ All loans come with an optional line of credit

✅ 24-hour access to line of credit drafts for up to a year

✅ The interest paid is tax deductible, lowering your cost of funds

✅ Early payoff options are available without paying all the interest

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