Bigfoot Smoked Products, Steves Hot Smoked Cheese & Salmon

Bigfoot Smoked Products LLC
Buckley, WA 98321
United States


Steve Shindle, founder of Steve’s “Hot” Smoked Cheese & Salmon, has been
smoking Cheese and Salmon for over 55 years. Steve and I met in early 2009. He
was nearing completion of his new home in the same community that Marietta
and I had been searching for property. Of course conversation turned to his
business and at the time I was home from working around the country cleaning
up former military use sites of Unexploded Ordnance.
Marietta and I eventually bought property and built our home just around the
corner from Steve. I planned for the future that I would someday have my own
business to smoke his very popular and delicious products. That was nearly 10
years ago.
After nearly 22 years on the road it was time to take the next step in my life.
Steve and I have been friends since we met that day back in 2009. We’ve hunted
and fished together, shared many a story about life and his passion for his
business. It was time for me to be home. Why not smoke Cheese and Salmon! We
met with Steve and his wife, Karla about taking the next step in making our
business come true. Bryan and Paula Rozenkranz, Old Ranger Smoked Products,
had been smoking Steve's products for nearly 10 years. It was time for them to
retire for good and enjoy watching their Grandchildren grow. We met with them
and made arrangements to purchase their business. Plans were set in motion to
build and open a home based business and in February 2018 Bigfoot Smoked
Products, LLC was formed.
The first step was to build a Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA)
approved food processing facility and covered area where two custom built cedar
smokehouses would call home. With help from family, friends, and neighbors the
facility was completed and approved.
It’s great to be home and smoking Steve’s “Hot” Smoked Cheese & Salmon!
All products are hand cut, prepped, custom smoked, professionally vacuum sealed, labeled, stored, and distributed by myself here in Buckley WA.
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