1/30/2020  PSVB
BOHICA - a common military term for "Bend Over, Here It Comes Again!"

Olympia, Wash.

The Washington House has passed a measure that would require fuel producers and importers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with gasoline and other transportation fuels.  This will have an impact on every commuter, family and especially businesses in Washington state who will see the increase in the cost of gasoline to go to up 57 cents per gallon and diesel to go up to 63 cents per gallon according to the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA).
The measure passed on a 52-44 vote Wednesday night and now heads to the Senate for consideration.  Since the democrats control both houses and has Governor Inslee as a climate change advocate, Washington is likely to get a huge tax! 
A low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS) is a rule enacted to reduce carbon intensity in transportation fuels as compared to conventional petroleum fuels, such as gasoline and diesel. The most common low-carbon fuels are alternative fuels and cleaner fossil fuels, such as natural gas (CNG and LPG). 

This bill directs the Department of Ecology to adopt a clean fuels program much like the programs in California and Oregon.

According to the California Legislative Analysis Office, they conclude that a LCFS is the most inefficient method of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and recommends that California's leaders consider "modifying or eliminating" their LCFS altogether. In fact, California officials estimate that their own costly LCFS has only reduced greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector by 1.4%.
BUT WAIT!  There is MORE!
We just learned that the Washington State Legislature just announced ANOTHER GAS TAX in the last 24 hours!  Immediately after the LCFS measure was passed by the House, they introduced another bill to hike gas tax by ANOTHER 10 cents per gallon!  Pierce County Democrat Jake Fey (27th) is the main sponsor.
When will the outrageous taxation end? 
"WTF is going on!!!!" This is "Russia, Russia, Russia" at the Washington State Level!
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