3/29/2019  PSVB
Digital Business Cards - Use technology to your advantage
Do I give out paper business cards?  You bet I do.  On my desk I also have about 7 stacks of business cards.  Each stack has around 50 cards from business owners that I have met this year.   Like flash cards, as I had to learn Russian for Special Forces, I go through a stack per day.  Why?  I memorize people, names and their businesses.  When I meet a fellow business owner who needs something, "I know a guy."  You can't do that if you don't train your mind to do it.  I probably give out 4 to 5 referrals per day.  
But I also want to ensure that people are reminded about me and can find me easily.  So after the first meeting, I send them a digital business card.  This digital business card is awesome though.  Enter Shuffle by Elify.  This is much more than a digital business card though.  It does much more and best of all, it is inexpensive.  I mean, cups of coffee inexpensive (if you are a coffee drinker from local cafes).
I would describe more but the video below and THIS LINK describes it best.  You will like this!