3/29/2019  Ranger Dave
Great Business Summit & Expos Coming Up
Every Spring there is a new energy in the air in the South Sound.  Yes, everyone feels Spring but if you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you are experiencing the enthusiasm in the air as well.  Some business owners can sometimes hibernate in the winter time as they work on their business.  Spring seems to bring them back out and introduces you to those who are just starting out. 
There are business networking groups that meet each week in Pierce and Thurston County that you can greatly benefit from and if you would like to learn about them, click HERE and send me an email.  I will send you info. 
Here are some great business events that you do not want to miss! The business owners that attend are the business owners that you want to network with in the South Sound! 
Click the links to learn more. 
Saint Martin's University - Lacey, WA - April 17th 9:30am-6pm (Booth space available to showcase your business)
Produced by Alan Shimamoto - INTeam 
Great American Casino - Tacoma, WA - April 18th 5pm-8pm
Produced by Kieran & Sherri Murry - IGNITE-U 
Lakewold Gardens - Lakewood, WA - April 24th 9am-3pm
Produced by Lisa Maki & Brenda Milewski - Vision Builders
Star Center - Tacoma, WA - May 5 8:00am-12pm
Produced by Paul Long
Are you reaching out to the largest market in the South Sound?  Want information on joining the Lakewood Chamber?  They are the only chamber partnered with JBLM to attend the monthly newcomer's brief with hundreds of new Service Members and their families.  Network - Meet JBLM - Support community
The Nisqually Tribe opened a print shop last year right across from the Red Wind Casino!  What does that mean???
TAX FREE!  You can save a great deal of money with printing from the Nisqually Tribe and they have cutting edge technology to create your custom print products!  SEE THEIR WEBSITE AND CALL FOR YOUR CUSTOM ORDERS. 
Check out business news at www.SouthSoundBusiness.com 
Do you live in Dupont?  Do you own a business in Dupont?  You may want to check out www.DiscoverDupont.com 
Do you live in Thurston County? Do you own a business in Thurston County? You may want to check out www.DiscoverThurston.com
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