10/31/2021  PSVB
When I first retired from the Army, I started a non-profit to help Veteran businesses nationwide on social media and a website much like this one. The problem was, I didn't like asking people for money.  As it was at least a part time job at the time, I was spending my money from my retirement while I didn't have a full time job. 
So I launched a t-shirt business to fund it.  My hot market was great but ultimately when my hot market died was exhausted, I found I had difficulty gaining more clients. Sure I could get someone who wanted 10, 20 shirts but the time and effort involved didn't allow me to conduct sales and marketing and I found myself working 12 to 18 hours per day.  I got burned out.  I thought, there has to be a better way to get new clients.  I then started my path to learn everything that I could about marketing.  Fast forward 6 years and I now own a national marketing agency having worked with thousands of businesses and many industries.  
PugetSoundVeteranBusiness.com is one of the services that we created. I knew that to be successful we needed to build our own audiences to prove our efforts.  How many marketing agencies do you know that don't have any following of their own or barely 500 likes on facebook alone?  Our informational websites and business directories have had over 6 million visits since January 2020 and we have over 200,000 people in our facebook groups nationwide and followers on our facebook pages.  
We embraced technology.  Almost every day we are given demonstrations from marketing software developers of cutting edge technologies.  Some we buy.  Some we will wait a few years to see how they evolve.  This site is infused with cutting edge technologies.
We used to teach people how they can market their business.  Inevitably, we find that business owners run out of time, much as I did during my t-shirt days.  Some businesses hire a marketing person only to find that the person they hired has no training, no experience and it becomes a huge waste of money.  Imagine, do you visit a person to be your dentist with no training?  Business owners make that same error over and over and we see it.
Joining PugetSoundVeteranBusiness.com is a good start for your business.  It's infused with SEO.  Your business listing will show up in searches with PSVB.  It's economical at less than $25 per month.  We made this economical as we know others charge on average of a minimum of $100 PER WEEK to be on their platforms and they are using 2010 technology. They definitely don't have over 150,000 people in their local facebook groups (on demand potential clients)
There are recommendations that we highly suggest.  Yes, there is a price to pay for these.  But I don't suggest them unless they were necessary.  In fact, I don't work with a client unless they accept these foundational marketing tools. I cannot waste client money nor do I want to spend countless hours marketing a business only to find we are losing many of their potential customers because their business is not set up correctly online.
1. Business Listings.  If you have never done a listing scan of your business, READ THIS - CLICK HERE 
Listings give your business more credibility with Google and other search engines and rank you higher.   
2. Email Marketing is part of the foundations of marketing your business. Email collection is what starts it all. Track your emails, who opened them and who didn't.  There is much more.  LEARN MORE
3. Graphic design - Build professional posts for your social media.  Try Canva.
4. Ask for reviews.  Ask those that are customers or clients to give you reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook.  Reviews also increase your credibility with Google and help you to rank higher.  LEARN MORE ABOUT REVIEWS HERE. 
Using the above is economical.  It will help you to increase your exposure online.   When you are ready for more marketing help, contact Discover Maestro, Veteran owned marketing agency for more.