2/10/2019  PSVB
We believe that information that is shared as much as possible will help everyone.  So even if an event is shared at one location, sharing those events on other sites will help everyone.
So now you can visit our event page and add your event.  There are two types of event listings.  There is the basic listing which ensures your event is listed on the calendar.  Then there is a premium listing which comes with advertising provided through us.  This ensures that many more are able to see it.  The enhanced listing does has a fee which pays for the additional advertising. 
Premium positioning includes, up to 10 photos, web site link, video clip and coupon.  This listing includes a social media event on our Facebook page, shares to over 20,000 of our local fans and followers reaching JBLM and the Puget Sound.
Call us if you have any questions.  360-545-3874.