2/6/2019  Maestro Strategic Solutions
How can you monetize your website?
Congratulations.  You learned the first lesson.  Through social media and email, you can drive traffic to your website.  This is crucial to your success.  Sales is all about numbers.  The more people that go to your site, the greater the chances that someone will use your services or buy your products.  But there are more ways that you can create another stream of income.
You create other buying opportunities.
Have you ever been to a website and you see ads on the top and right?  Most of these ads are from Google Adsense.   Advertisers bid for your ad space in a real-time auction.  When your ads are seen or clicked, you get a check.  It's that simple.  So it is important that you are driving traffic to your site.  We will discuss this a little later. 
Do you have a friend with a complementing business?  
Do you network?  Imagine you were a mechanic and you promoted your site through blogs and videos to give people advice on how to maintain their vehicle and simple do-it-yourself techniques.  Complementing businesses may be a local car wash, vehicle insurance, vehicle loans, and of course, car dealers.  If you drive enough traffic to your site, these businesses will gladly advertise with you.  If you can gain email addresses from your website visitor with a proper, inexpensive email tool such as this one, they will definitely advertise with you.
What's the deal with email? 
We just discussed email addresses.  Email and cell phone numbers are what I call the metadata for successful digital marketing.  Why do you think everyone asks for your email address?  Yes, they are going to email you.  It's not a bad thing.  It's part of customer service.  A business should send you an email saying, "Hey, we appreciate your business."  They should also ask you to give them a review.  This helps them to improve their services.  People may have an issue with a business, but they never tell the business owner about it, especially if it is an employee issue.  So give up that email address when you visit locations.  Now, as a business owner with a website, you can ask visitors, "Did you like our site?  What can we do to improve and provide you information that you find valuable?"  You can also say, "We are glad you visited our site, if you come back and order, we'll give you 20% off of our 'widgets.'"  Not only can you gain a customer, but as we discussed above, your Google Adsense is ringing "cha-ching." (that is an old cash register sound if you are a millennial and wondering what that means.  It means "mo' money!" Yo!)
Your website establishes you as a professional which builds trust and credibility.  You are able to provide valuable advice.  Again we will use the mechanic as an example.  There are people who do not know how to check the oil in their car.  They don't know how often that you should check it.  They don't know how often that they should change it.  Worst of all, they don't have a person that they trust and that is a huge issue when you have major oil change chains with tons of reports of scams.  HERE IS ONE EXAMPLE.  You can build that crucial relationship with a simple one minute video.  You get your spouse (free labor) or kids to use your cell phone and video yourself as that warm and caring mechanic that you are.
Video.  You use Youtube right?  If not, you should.  If I do not have a trusted source or website to go to, I look it up on YouTube.   YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine.  Most people do not know that.  So you are that mechanic with a cool video of you showing how to check for tire wear.  What do you do with it?  You upload it to YouTube.  Why?  People can search for "how to check for tire wear" and find you.  But you can also take that video and embed it onto your website which can also drive up views.  Higher views are important.  Why?  The more views that you get, Youtube will start PAYING YOU for it!
Let's review.  You get paid for people just visiting your site through Google AdSense, you get paid for people buying your products and services, you get paid for complementing business advertising, and you get paid from YouTube.  If you aren't doing this already, why not?  It's so easy.  You can even YouTube it.  Of course, you can visit and schedule time with me and I will show you how you can do it by clicking here.  Finally, you are building your marketing and sales funnels for future sales through email.  It doesn't matter what industry that you are in, everything above is what you should be doing if you want to maximize your sales.  It doesn't take a lot of work and you can do it all yourself. If you are taking the weekend off, maybe you should consider taking a few hours to get it started.   All of the above, can be done in a few hours!  Don't believe me?  Schedule a 15 minute call with me. 
So, how can you increase traffic to your website?  That is what everyone is begging to know.  It all starts with content.  People want to be engaged.  They even want to be entertained.  They want to learn.  We discussed above about you making videos.  Video is king.  But you can also blog.  Write about your business, give free advice on the professional knowledge that you have.  Heck, write funny articles about your cat.  Just write.  Then share.
Paid Advertising.  You can promote your website through paid advertising.  People are online searching for your business or services now.  Just type in "how to wash your dog" in the search engine above or click here and this goes straight to it. Notice, what do you see first?  It is a video of a person washing a dog on Youtube.  Google Ads is your first friend here.  When people do a search, you want to be at the top of the page.  You can drive traffic to your site with almost every budget.   I have one client who only spent $150 over the last 45 days on Google Ads and we tracked it to 1676 potential customers who visited the site and 223 who visited their location.  That's low first impressions but it's a great return with an average ticket of $12 per person who visits.  This is not guaranteed for everyone but it is possible. 
Finally, you need to be "findable."  All studies are showing that if you are not findable on search engines, your potential clients are going elsewhere.  When you schedule your 15 minute call with me,  I will send you a PDF document that shows you how to do it.  You must have at a minimum, business Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and as mentioned, YouTube.  
Social Media Groups that you must join as a business owner in the Puget Sound area.
When you do the following, you are going to get some free advertising:
1.  First go here and "like" this page.  It will help you see posts like this one.  Plus, if you have blog post, they will share it if you complete these steps:  
2.  Then join this Facebook group:
3.  Subscribe to this Youtube channel.  Why?  You hook me up with a subscriber for sharing this article with you but most importantly, you can see many of the videos that we have made for as little as $50 each.
When you take these 3 steps, we will share a blog post, video or your website on the SouthSoundBusiness.com's social media page.   
If you are a Veteran, you get even more free exposure just by joining us here at PugetSoundVeteranBusiness.com.  Just click, register and we will contact you to send you a free code to join us for free.  Additional benefits include a great deal more of social media. 
Finally, everything that you do, social media, website, etc... should be tracked with analytics. Why?  First, it helps you get local advertisers.  But most importantly you will start to realize that when your visits increase, your sales increase.  Double your visits, double your sales.  The analytics don't lie. 
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