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If an event has occurred affecting your body or mind, it can retain the impact and carry it in all activities until it is addressed, even if it is decades later.  It's all connected.  

When the body is at rest and the tension has been released through hands-on therapy, you can finally focus on what you want to do. The body is no longer complaining to you about a long-ago issue.  That is the focus of this practice.

Julie Deramo, Licensed Massage Therapist, has treated many complicated physical issues in her 15 years of hands-on experience. She focuses on your goals to achieve outcomes which make living better.

We offer a 50% discount on the first 10 sessions for all active-duty military and veterans. Weekends and evenings are available.

To recieve the military/vet discount please email Julie directly using the email button on this page.
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Military Discounts Available
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