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Our goal is to train your marketing and/or sales training teams to ensure the success of your business.
Too often, a business owner hires a random person because they "have a great personality" to be their marketing person. If you would like thousands of examples of how this methodology has failed, we can provide it.
Marketing is a trained skill and even colleges and universities haven't kept up with the newest technologies. Professors would have to discover the tech, master it, then teach it. By that time, it's already old.

Do you have the time for your business to have someone try and figure out marketing? Here is the good news. We provide an affordable solution to coach your team with the marketing solutions that work. We aren't trying to figure things out, we have worked with thousands of businesses across many verticals. Everyone needs a coach in business. Let's schedule a call.



Along with our agency, we provide marketing solutions such as our Virtual Business Cards.

Use marketing to your advantage. A common objection or means to dismiss you is, "Give me your business card, I'll call you later." My responses always is, "I like to save trees so I use virtual business cards. What's your cell number and I can text it to you." At that point, everyone gives up their mobile number. Now you can send your virtual card AND you have their cell phone number!

5 Important Reasons to Use a Virtual Business Card

In the fast-paced and digitally-driven world of modern business networking, the traditional paper business card is being overshadowed by the efficiency and versatility of virtual business cards. A virtual business card, also known as a digital business card, offers a multitude of benefits that cater to the demands of contemporary networking. Here are five important reasons why you should consider using a virtual business card:

1. Comprehensive Information Sharing ✅
While traditional paper business cards provide limited space for contact information, virtual business cards break these constraints. With the ability to include not only your name, phone number, and email but also social media profiles, logos, pictures, videos, PDFs, and more, virtual business cards allow you to share a holistic representation of yourself or your business, enhancing your engagement potential.

2. Effortless Contact Management ✅
Virtual business cards streamline contact management by enabling you to organize your contacts into groups and attach notes, making it easier to match faces with names and maintain connections. Services like HiHello offer smart address book features that simplify this process, aiding in effective follow-ups and nurturing relationships.

3. Eco-Friendly and Cost-Efficient ✅
Embracing virtual business cards contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing paper waste. Traditional paper cards often end up discarded within a week, resulting in the wasteful use of resources. Virtual business cards not only save trees but also significantly cut costs associated with printing physical cards, which can amount to $194 annually per person.

4. Instant Accessibility ✅
With a virtual business card stored on your smartphone, laptop, or other devices, you ensure that your contact information is always within reach. Unlike the inconvenience of forgetting physical cards at home, a virtual business card can be shared anytime, anywhere, as long as you have your digital device with you.

5. Real-Time Updates ✅
Maintaining accuracy on traditional business cards can be a challenge, especially when changes to your contact details arise. Virtual business cards address this issue by allowing you to make instant updates to your information. Whether you've changed your phone number or moved offices, your contacts will always have the most up-to-date information, reducing communication gaps and missed opportunities.

The adoption of virtual business cards presents a paradigm shift in networking dynamics, aligning with the technological advancements and environmental consciousness of the modern era. Their capacity for comprehensive information sharing, efficient contact management, eco-friendliness, instant accessibility, and real-time updates positions virtual business cards as an essential tool for thriving in today's business landscape. As traditional paper business cards become increasingly outdated, virtual business cards emerge as the versatile solution to elevate your networking experience.

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