5/6/2020  PSVB
Imagine you went to the grocery store as everyone else does.  One person there, carrying their cell phone, gets sick a few days later and informs Inslee that she was at that store.  Now, the government, in massive overreach and partnered with cell phone providers, google, apple, facebook and everyone else with apps on your phone, does a search for everyone who was at that store on that day.  Thousands of people are identified and one by one, they are notified that they are now quarantined and they can't leave your home.  They will tell you that they are watching you.  They will tell your neighbors to watch you.  If you leave your home, they will come and get you.  They will drag you screaming and kicking from your home and put you where they want you to be. No doubt, they don't have the space for all these people.  You will be put in camps.  I know, you're thinking, "This isn't going to happen."   Wake up people.  Who would have thought that they would tell you that you couldn't go to church!!!!  That's one of the most basic freedoms in our Constitution!  
Watch the video below.  We are living under tyranny.