8/30/2020  PugetSoundVeteranBusiness.com
We have seen unprecedented violence and mayhem in blue states and blue cities.  Why is this only happening in those states and cities?  Across the country, democrats are pulling back cops and rejecting federal help. Hundreds of murders, mostly black people have been committed and numerous buildings and businesses destroyed by fire and vandalism since June.  These businesses are the livelihood for people who are just like you and me. 
Democrats want President Trump to take unilateral action.  They want him to send him troops.  They want to create the civil war.  This will bring in many images and videos of rioters being subdued.  It creates the images that we once saw in China at Tiananam Square in 1989.   The goal appears to be to create chaos to make President Trump act.  Then they will claim that he is an authoritarian, and working against the Governors and Mayors. They will say he is overstepping his bounds.  You have already seen this when Federal troops were sent in to protect Federal property in Portland.  They will use the photos and videos to create their false narrative.
This election is crucial for our nation.  The investigation that John Durham is conducting regarding the democrat party's attempted coup needs to be completed and those responsible held accountable.  We can never allow this to happen in America again.  Democrats will end this investigation immediately as many to include Obama and Hillary may be implicated as part of the coup.  This is why the blue state governor's actions regarding the pandemic and the riots to attempt to stop a Trump re-election is crucial to their self preservation. 
The responsibility for quelling the riots lies on these mayors and governors.  They have failed miserably but this is part of their plan.  We can only assume that they are taking orders from the democrat party as their efforts all appear coordinated.  How else can you explain that these riots are only happening in blue states and cities?  Ultimately, the deaths of so many black people and businesses destroyed is worth their cause to take power.  Who does that?
An investigation needs to be conducted on how these blue states have coordinated their efforts regarding the riots as well as the pandemic.  Clearly, we can all see how democrats have conducted and coordinated their plans which has one goal.  That goal is to create angst on the people.  We are their pawns.  We are made to feel pain in the hopes that we will vote for their candidates.  Who does that?  Leadership 101, protect the people.  That is these democrats #1 job and they have failed miserably, on purpose. 
Is there hope? If the silent majority decides that they have had enough and come out to vote, we can move Washington State forward into a prosperous future.  Loren Culp is our best hope but he needs more exposure and more patriots to share his message.  We need the rest of the Washington Republican party to get out of their basements and get out on the streets.  Their silence has been deafening since the pandemic started as we have watched our business community and their hopes, dreams and families crumble. 
We have seen more and more people come out and say that they have never voted before or voted for Inslee in the past and now will vote for Trump and Culp.  There is hope.   
Other notable races:
Write in Joshua Freed for Lieutenant Governor 
Write in Marty McClendon for 10th Congressional District